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Frequently Asked Questions!

What hair companies do you recommend?
- Unice hair, Aligrace hair, Alipearl hair, Isee hair and Wiggins hair are all some affordable, good quality vendors. They have their own sites and can be found on Aliexpress or Amazon.

Do you require a certain type of lace? 
No! I work with all types of lace from everywhere. December 2021 is my last month accepting t-part wigs. I do ask that closures are either a 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6. Frontals need to be at least a 13x4. (I will accept 13x2, but the parting spaces are limited. The type of lace (HD, Transparent, Swiss, etc.) does not matter. The sizing is what is most important. If you have a lighter complexion, avoid brown lace at all costs.

What is a T-part wig? 
A wig with lace that forms the shape of the letter "T." They make them in both closure and frontal form. 

What is the difference between a 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 13x4 and 13x6? 

The major differences are in length. These numbers are describing the length of the lace and how far the parting parting goes back. A 4x4-6x6 is a closure. A 13x4-13x6 is a frontal. I included a chart for reference.

Do you recommend HD lace or transparent lace? 

I like both for different reasons. HD lace blends easily with any skin tone, but it can be very expensive. It is also very thin, so if you're rough with your hair, you can easily rip the lace. Transparent is more noticeable, but can still look natural. Keep in mind that lace is a fabric. We are creating an illusion. 

Should I get a closure or a frontal?

This depends on your hair routine and experience. I would not recommend a frontal to hasn't worn a closure or who doesn't want to have to maintain their hair every day. Frontals are HIGH maintenance. Premature lifting can occur due to lack of care to the hair/lace. 

How should I maintain my hair?

This would always depend on the style and texture of the hair. For a broad description, tie down your lace with an elastic band first. (Don't tie them too tight because they can cause headaches.) After that, use either a silk scarf or bandana on top of the elastic band. Always braid or twist your bundles/wigs before putting on your bonnet. 

What is customization?

Bleaching the knots and plucking the hairline. 

Can you install synthetic wigs? 

Yes. Send a picture of your wig prior to booking an appointment!


What are wig sizes?

Just like clothing, wigs come in different sizes! Ask the buyer what size their caps are. If you have a smaller head, get a small cap. If you have a larger head, aim to purchase a larger cap size. Bigger wigs can be resized with an elastic band, whereas smaller wigs can not. 


Can I request a silent appointment? 

Yes! Besides routine questions, we don't have to talk if you don't want to. 


Can I bring snacks?

Yes! Please be fully vaccinated prior to removing your mask to eat your snacks or drink any beverages.

I attached some pictures of different types, sizes, and colors of lace for your reference. The far right is an example of a T-part wig. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me by TEXT: (205)536-9967. 



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